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Hunter GMG & Ifrit GMG 1500 m Zeroing Incorrect
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when you zero the gun (hunter & Ifrit GMG) to 1500m it's shoots down insetad of up {F17043} {F17044}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. get in gunner seat (hunter & Ifrit GMG)
  2. Set Zeroing to 1500M
  3. Shoot

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Confirmed here (alpha 0.52.103507), with the Ifrit as well.

Zeroing at 1500m shoots exactly as if you were zeroing at 100m.

Edit: posted screenshots for shots with 100m range and "1500m" range.

cychou added a subscriber: cychou.May 7 2016, 11:01 AM

what about to replace the basic zeroing with a ballistic computer using laser range adjustement (like in ace 2 mod) ?


As I mentioned in your ticket, it could be a nice addition but as a module only, not implemented directly on the turret/vehicle.

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Was an issue from the very start, and still there in latest stable build.

Sorry to sidetrack the discussion, but I just created a duplicate report of this bug by accident. If you do a search for "Hunter" or "GMG" this bug does not appear.

I can see at least one other person has created a duplicate as well. Perhaps this bug report is bugged somehow?

The GMG simply cannot reach that far, so the system defaults to 100 meters when selecting the 1500 m setting.

I would rather like this system to be replaced with proper laser rangefinders anyway. This is archaic, WW1 style ranging, as far as vehicles are concerned, and is especially impossible with the crosshairs of the RCWS, which does not have stadia lines.