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Diver's guns seems to have no effect on land
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I'm not sure if it's supposed to work this way or not, but diver's guns seems to have very limited effect whilst on land.


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As an additional note, the guns do seem to work better on land in close range. Again, though, I don't know if it was designed this way intentionally as they are capable of shooting in water.

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Yea, I wondering about this as well. Thought it was probably just the fun, but from about 10-20 meters no impact was made on an enemy after unloading an entire clip(semi auto with spacing between shots). Unsure if intentional

Maybe it is related to the very short zeroing of this gun, I have to try

Yes. Underwater guns uses special bullets not made for on land combat. They have very little range and impact

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You have to select "Reload 5.56mm" in Menu option to swap out the Under Water (UW) bullets. Firing the UW bullets out of water will result in a very short effective range and damage.

Zacho, they may exist but they are not the one in the game
as also stated you need to change the ammo type from the rounds designed for underwater use to ones more suited for land. Even then i believe they are still an special cartirige designed to give maximun push to the dart underwater not a bullet on land so of course there would be less kick

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If I remember correctly, it is said in the showcase, that the weapon is constructed für underwater combat and EFFECTIVE within the first 40 meters. But i think it's a bug, and honestly said, an annoying one, that you seem to shoot at a invisible wall if you try to fight over a distance of 60 may be inaccurate, or it can do less damage, but please fix the invisible wall :-)

UW ammo are 30 meters effective under water.
Reload standard stanags for 40m effectivness on land.

It's designed this way and works how it should!

Switched to 5.56mm Stanag and struggling to down a soldier at <20m range firing single shots down the iron sights.

Not hitting the proverbial barn door at 40m :)
Only seem to land good hits at about 10m range.

The accuracy and drop off seem a little bit severe?

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We are very sorry, this issue was closed as no-bug.