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Character getting stuck when attempting to climb stairs.
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On the Scuba showcase, when infiltrating the camp, the stairs to the watchtower. Character does not climb them unless you use the V key to leg over the first step.


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This seems to happen every time I have played this mission 2-3 times, when using the crouch tactical walk position.

  1. Spawn in camp Tempest in editor
  2. use crouch walk
  3. try to go up the watchtower
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This was a problem with ARMA 2 also I believe.

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I have also found a set of stairs which cannot be climbed while in any crouched position (low, standard or high). It is in Agia Marina on the side of the building at the editor XYZ position (2987, 6066, 7). I have uploaded a picture of the building. I can always reproduce this.

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