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Shooting down helicopter on SCUBA mission only makes the helicopter fall into the sea.
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On the SCUBA diving showcase, shooting down the helicopter with the RPG causes the helicopter to crash into the sea, but there is no visual change in the helicopter, and there is no audible explosion, in fact the helicopter audio just stops altogether. The helicopter only changes to a crashed, burned, state when it hits the water, but still with no explosion or other effects.


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Try the SCUBA mission. Shoot down the helicopter with the RPG.

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I have not played the mission more than once, but I will try to reproduce it at some point.

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I have not had the same experience as you, in my case there was an explosion and the helicopter was destroyed. What kind of settings are you running ?

When a helicopter crashes into water in real life it doesn't always explode in a fiery ball of explosions. (Unless Michael Bay is on scene).

In my case I shot the tail-rotor and the pilot lost rudder controls and was able to crash land safely rather softly into the water. The engine turned down slowly.

Play it again and you might have a completely different outcome. That is kind of the joy of replayability in ARMA.

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To be specific, there was no smoke, sound when the RPG hit the helicopter, or any other effect or sound. It just fell out of the sky. Surely there would be something, even if Michael Bay is not involved? Your description of hitting the tail rotor and loss of rudder control is a lot more realistic than what I experienced.
By the way it was a direct hit on the main body of the helicopter.
All of the settings were on at least high. Quite a few on very high and clouds on Ultra (I love the new clouds).


i didn't see one big explosion its quite rare a helicopter explodes from an accident only usually missile or very high velocity but even then the helicopter is more likely to just disintegrate.

millions is spent on making the passengers inside a helicopter survive missile strike and such go watch black hawk down its not 100% accurate but they dont just go boom like in the cartoons XD

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I have not at any point suggested there is a huge cartoonish explosion. What I am reporting is that there was NO trace of ANY effect whatsoever, no smoke or sound or loss of control or anything else other than the helicopter falling out of the sky. The explosion I refer to in the report is that of the RPG hitting the target, not the helicopter exploding. There was no sign of the RPG impact at all.

all i can suggest is attempt to repeat the bug and make sure the camera is rolling then we can give better voting for the devs

well a helicopter doesnt always explode on a rpg hit...

im sorry, didnt read it to the end until now... have an upvote so :)

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We are very sorry, this issue was closed as no-bug.