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Better Sounds silencer, ambient, etc…
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The overall sound is good from the Gun fire to explosions. Was looking forward to something along the line of the J.S.R.S. mod. More of a crisper/sharper sound with more of a loud clap for a silencer. Under-Mount-Grenade launching sound a bit weak as well. Could also use a bit more snapping when being shot at over-head too. There is not really much ambient sound as far as nite to day animals/sounds, seemed pretty quite out there lol. Over all good so far, still have other sounds to hear.


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I agree on the ambient sounds. Setting wind force and gusts to maximum and standing next to some tress should be quite loud, but I couldn't make out any wind sound. The rain is also rather quiet.

One other thing that I miss from Arma II is the sound of your equipment shuffling around when you move.

Sound is pretty placeholder-y. I don't think the Alpha is really the place for this kind of stuff to get fixed. I agree that it needs work, but a lot of the sounds are pretty familiar (IE, they are ripped out of A2) so I'm guessing sound is at a pretty early level. Personally, I'm not so sure about the weapon sounds, but they are better than A2.

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A3 handheld weapon sounds are better than A2. Just played All in Arma and IMO Bradley machine gun have some kick ass sounds, not too exaggerated, not too plastic.

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Appart from this i voted up , i find the sound of the guns a bit weak as well , mainly the sniper rifles , sonunds as a toy gun