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Arma 3 crashes when using MSI afterburner to overclock your GPU
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Arma 3 crashes when using MSI afterburner to overclock your GPU.


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Steps To Reproduce

There are 2 possiblities.
1.1 start MSI afterburner and overclock your GPU.
1.2 Start Arma 3
1.3 Wait till the advertisements are done. The screen will now black out, you can do nothing except for ctrl+alt+del out and stop the process. Somtimes after 10 mins of waiting it will give a blue screen of death

2.1 Start Arma 3.
2.2 Start MSI afterburner and overclock your GPU
2.3 The moment you maximize Arma 3, it will flash for a second and then change to a black screen, giving the same problems as above

Additional Information

Tested with both the latest MSi afterburner as normal release, as well as the 3.0beta5 version.

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I have my MSI Nvidia GTX680 Lightning OC'ed to 1300 MHz using Afterburner, but I don't have any problems with latest stable version of Afterburner and the Arma III Alpha together.

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Sounds like overclock instability rather than a game issue....

EDIT: I run with an overclocked GPU and have no issues, but I also know that it is 100% stable.

Instability on your card is most likely the issue, not the game. The game _does_ have some crashes happening, but they would not be directly linked to afterburner. I have my GPU OC'ed with it just fine, and I don't see any issues.

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If you crash when OC'ed, and don't crash when not OC'ed, you don't have a stable overclock. You can verify this with something like furmark.

I used Msi afterburner to OC before, and it would simply crash on every game, even if I underclocked it. It's an issue with afterburner, not A3.

Ok.. ive tested alot and ive brought some conclusions.

  • It indeed is not the game

The same is happening to me at Crysis 3. The problem is with games that can handle directX11.
The thing apparently is that because ive been using my laptop GPU running at 150%+ for 2 years now, it has a tendency to act up with DX11 games.
In non-technical jizzwazz and trying to explain in baby-talk... my GPU is normally in .. well.. you could call it "directX9 mode" .. when opening a game supporting DX11.. it needs to change to DX11 mode. Because of the massive overclock, this part is done slower and thus first crashes the game before changing to dx11 mode.

Ive found out this is easily avoidable by 2 things:

  • I start up Arma3, close it immediatly and then start it up again (giving the gpu time to switch)
  • I start up Arma3 in windowed mode (it wont crash then) and change it to fullscreen in settings.

But yeah.. apparently this isnt an MSi afterburner problem.. neither is it a gameproblem.
Its simply a problem with my GPU having taken quite some abuse for long periods :D
but now i know how to avoid it, it isnt really a problem anymore.

Ready to close. Not a game problem.

Closing, as this is not arma related issue.