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Game crash when loading into multiplayer map
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Able to join lobby (which lags) without issue, attempted to join map after selecting class and game crashes to desktop.


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Game Crash
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select MP server, select class, begin load to multiplayer map.

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I also am having multiple crashes when joining ...or during Multiplayer games. In all honestly I haven't yet finished a multiplayer mission without crashing yet...????
Haven't crashed from singleplayer yet though.....

Is the game crashing also when playing the Arma II official Coop or TDM missions or is it only crashing while playing Wasteland missions?

Just Wasteland I believe.

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I have noticed it crashes %100 of the time on wasteland and sometimes on other servers. Some particular servers (usually deathmatch) it never seems to crash.

This now appears to have been an issue with early builds of Wasteland. No longer occurring.