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Add turbo temporary control
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When using an alternate key for turbo, the default controls of turbo and turbo toggle can get stuck, making your character only sprint.


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Set your turbo to another button than the default. Try sprinting around. Sometimes it gets stuck on.

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

It gets stuck on all the time for me, I didn't think it was linked to what button you have it bound to, I thought it was just how the key action was designed -> which was to toggle the player's movement to the 'Turbo' state.

The only thing is when a player stops moving or runs out of stamina, the 'Turbo' state is not switched off automatically.

As a result I have to manually press it again whenever I stop moving or am fatigued, just to tell the game to switch off 'Turbo' mode. An unnecessary extra keypress in my opinion, seeing as pressing it doesn't provide any visual feedback. (I use Turbo (toggle))

Please describe in steps how to reproduce.

a) Exact action names would help (or descriptions in options->controls) "Turbo" means "Sprint"?
b) Could you, please, write a repro in steps? Describe how to reproduce (more than sometimes, if possible), we find out why it happens.

a)Sprint is what I mean. It's called turbo in the controls.
b)For me, I use Wx2 for sprint. But when you do that, and run around, then stop, move again, and you will still be sprinting. Maybe it's supposed to be like that, but it seems like you should go back to normal pace after stopping.

@WhereIsBeef Do you have noticed there is a "Sprint" and a "Sprint (Toggle)" keybind?

Yes, but the toggle doesn't work for me for some reason.

As @wallside mentions this is how it should be working:

a) Sprint - that key works together with another key and it is a temporary key - action is performed as long as this key is held. It makes no sense to bind it to 2xW because you cannot hold the W key and the same time press it twice.

b) sprint toggle - that is a key that works as a switch between running and sprinting. You need to press it only once and then you sprint when ever you would normally run (i.e. after pressing W for moving forward).

c) fast forward - that is an action you probably had your "2xW" combo mapped to. This action is identical with pressing SHIFT+W. We removed it from default keys because we want to avoid double tap keys as much as possible (there is a significant engine delay between your double-tap of a key and the action response simply because engine has to detect between three possible key presses: two-times W, double tap W and hold W).

In default arma 3 key presets, the sprint button is on SHIFT and sprint toggle is not used. It underscores the fact that sprint is now designed as "short-term" action with exhaustive effect that should be used only temporarily.

Can you please describe in steps how your sprint actions don't work? What do you do to see that they got stuck/work improperly?

Okay, the normal sprint works fine. The toggle doesn't. I set it to 2xW, and it just won't move, the character just stands still. I think the original issue has been fixed in a patch, I actually don't remember the bug.

You will have to press 2xW for toggling spring to "on" and afterwards press "w" to actually move.

Issue was clarified