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Underslung and Vehicle Mounted Grenade Launcher Damage
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Damage from underslung and vehicle mounted grenade launchers do not seem to produce major damage. One instance firing many grenades from a Hunter (name?) the grenades were falling on top of enemies and it took several hits to take down...some not at all. Seems as though the damage is not significant and splash damage is not as well.


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Agreed, would like to see a fragmentation effect like in ACE2. Those 40mm grenades are truly scary.

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I've been having this same issue. At one point it took 3 or 4 direct hits from a 40mm grenade launcher on the Hunter GMG to kill one infantryman.

I've also noticed that regular fragmentation grenades don't do much damage to players either. Two near/direct contact explosions were not enough to kill myself after literally hopping onto/standing next to them just before they explode.

I survived 5 40 mike mikes detonating very close to me on the infantry showcase. Only died because it happened one after the other and forced my view up.

it also seems, that the explosions do not have any physical influence on the environment! should be fixed also!

On the vehicle showcase, I failed to kill infantry in the vehicle depot with 2 direct hits from the GMG on the stolen vehicle. It looked as though the grendades landed inside a meter of the two EI. A third shot finally took them down.

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