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Slow crawling should be a low crawl.
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From what i've seen since my game will not launch - the slow crawling animation & every other crawl speed is in high crawl.

The slower crawl should be in a low crawl position with you dragging your face through the mud, otherwise... you've slightly defeated the purpose of crawling slowly.

The high crawl is for times when you are in a dutch or somewhere which obscures/protects you from the enemy moving to get to safety most the time such as a firefight.

Low crawl - stealhier, less visible silhouette, belly on the ground, pushing with your legs, arms crossed around your gun elbows pulling as your knees/feet push.

Low crawling also prevents you from being seen when crawling in the open, grass, etc.


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Play the game in any fashion, go prone, crawl slowly. FACE IS NOT IN MUD.

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Face needs to eat more mud.

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One example of why the low crawl is great & needs to be in, when you're in a ghillie suit crawling up to someones ankles you don't want to be moving fast & you don't want a high profile.

Another time is crawling in a shallow ditch to avoid fire, flank or generally stay safe, not to mention the low crawl is less stressful/does not drain your endurance in any fashion nearly as fast as a high crawl.

Low silhouette
Does not drain endurance
Keeps you ready for combat/full with mud

maybe like this?: starting at 05:35

Similar to that, but that's the sniper crawl.

What i'm talking about is using your knees/elbows to move rather than your feet.

Your ass should not be in the air & your stomach should be on the ground, a low crawl is slightly faster then that usually.

More like that.

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"Face needs to eat more mud"


If you're face is not eating mud every mm of distance you cover, you are doing it wrong.

ahh ok, but thats a little bit too fast for a "low (slow) crawl"

Really just depends but that's just an idea of what the slow crawl is.

In most situations the low crawl is slow to avoid being detected. However if you're in a shallow ditch or the mud under fire, you may want to crawl faster.

low crawl will be awesome for ghillie suited snipers

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.