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NVGs work underwater.
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When loading up a diver with an NVG, he is able to use it underwater. Realistically, water would fry these things.


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Download my TDNL Missionpack for the alpha, specifically Destroy the Car. ( quick link from the source: )

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There are plenty of waterproof NVGs around. Rain-proof is a given, but there are ones used by divers too.

Let's pretend that feature can be added without increasing cost so much they buy the lesser ones, and that this is therefore what we have :)

Ideally, there should be multiple NVG types, including a version for divers. Normal NVGs don't stick to your face like diving googles do and even if they'd work underwater, you won't be able to see a thing.

I was surprised, when a quick search revealed, that indeed there are underwater NVGs. However, they are limited to 20m depth.

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