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Graphics Issue with Vegetation
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I experienced an Grapics Issue with the Vegetation. Trees and Grass have a White Look. Everthing else looks normal.


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System is a Core i7 920 @4100 Mhz, GTX 580 SLI System, Geforce 314.14 Beta Driver(i got the issue with the older Driver too), 6GB Ram, Sounblaster Recon 3d, Win7 64 Bit Home Premium.

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Try disabling SLI and see if the problem persist.
I don't have any graphical issue with a single HD7950.
Also, it's possible that Alpha version doesn't support SLI/CrossFire properly.

I have testing it with Single GPU and SLI off. No change at all.

Do you have ATOC enabled ?
There's a known issue already opened for that and maybe the same case

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As in issue 618 As in issue 618 (contains most information on this problem)

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We are very sorry, this issue was closed as duplicate or no-bug.