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Bullets not penetrating house windows
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Just as the title says... Used the standard 6.5mm MX rifle to shoot at a friendly AI through a house window, emptied 3 magazines, no bullets went through. {F16789}


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Shoot through house windows.

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It seems that bullets go through the wooden frame but not the glass.

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Fired several shots at the enemy through the window (glass) - no bullet did not pass through it.

can confirm. Hear "Glass breaking" Sound but no hits reported. (Even if other player is right on the other side)

I can confirm the issue.

The houses in question are:

  • Land_i_House_Small_01_V2_F: "House 1 (small inhabited) v1"
  • Land_i_House_Small_03_V1_F: "House 3 (small inhabited) v1"

All the windows of both houses are affected by this.