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Shadow floating / misalignment
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When I'm walking on the side of a hill, and the sun is in a direction which would produce a shadow, it only produces a shadow for my character model--meaning there's a floating shadow at the base of the hill--floating meaning his feet aren't touching anything. I know there's probably not much you can do with this--but figured I'd mention it anyway {F16771} {F16772} {F16773} {F16774}


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Replicated floating on rocks too and noted even at night against artificial lighting on bushes.

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This can actually be quite the gamebreaker when moving around on the dark side of the hill, and then people can see you quite easily because the terrain doesn't cast shadow on you.

think BIS might need to start working on building a new engine from scratch for the future ARMA4

I've upvoted this issue, however the issue #0004043 tells more accurately, what really happens.

Objects cast shadow on other objects.
Terrain cast shadow on itself.
Terrain doesn't cast shadows on the objects, even if they should be in a deep shadow.

It looks really awful, when brightly shining people try to sneak through a darkened valley. Since early morning and dusk are important from a military point of view, we'll bee looking at it rather often, until a fix arrives.

@armapirx: The terrain doesn't cast a shadow on itself, otherwise we'd be able to see an hill's shadow on another hill that would be behind, which is not the case. The only shadows we see on the ground are shadows from objects, and parts of the terrain that are not directly shined on by the sun.

Yes, you're right. I was thinking about the terrain not directly shined by the sun.