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Ingame UI on multimonitor setup is partially obscured by Monitor Frame
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I'm using a triple monitor setup with border correction (meaning a small portion of the rendered image isn't visible because it's obscured by the frames of the monitors). While ArmaA 3 seems to recognize this setup and places the HUD elements correctly on the central screen, it seems to assume that my central screen has a width of "Total Screen Width"/3 instead of "Total Screen Width MINUS border correction"/3
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Ingame UI
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Total Desktop Size: 6048x1200
Visible Screen Size: 5760x1200

Using AMD Eyefinity with Catalyst Control Center built-in border correction on a single 7970

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I got the exact same issues.
There is a way to adjust it slightly with .ini file editing, but the result never turns out perfect.

This one is identical to #issue #0002542

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same problem with Nvidia Surround with bezel correction (6050x1080).
Menu und ingame UI is off the screen so you can't see it.

The game now implements user customizable positions for interface elements.

Please confirm that this solves the problem as I do not have access to the multimonitor setup.

Ingame UI can be fixed by the new layout options.

But Menu UI is still off the screen and therefore partially not usable.
I will provide screenshots later today (currently at work).

Attached 2 screenshots that show the hidden areas (red bars).
In the main menu it is not a problem but in the editor the whole left sidebar is hidden.

Thanks for the images! :)