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Mumble and Steam overlay doesn't work at the same time. Mumble, Steam or Arma 3 issue?
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When I enable Mumble overlay then both Steam overlay and Mumble overlay doesn't work. Can't access to steam overlay with shift+tab.
Basically can't use Mumble overlay with Arma 3.
Mumble, Steam or Arma 3 issue?


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Is Mumble running in as an administrator?

It's not. Let's see if that fixes it. Many people have this same problem.

Doesn't help. Even tried to run both as admin at the same time.

most likely the two overlays not compatible at the same time so one replaces the other, same thing happens with the TS3 overlay in other games on steam. So most likely not an A3 issue.

OK I have only 7 games in steam but I use steam overlay with non-steam games also and never had this problem with any games before. If this is Steam or Mumble issue then let's hope that they fix this

I have this problem on Windows 8 for all games, updated to the beta release which resolved, still no overlay in ARMA 3 though. You are correct.

Now my Steam overlay works at least if Mumble overlay is on. Mumble overlay still doesn't work but that sounds like Mumble issue now.

Edit: but now the same issue again. Hmmm.

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We are very sorry, this is not an Arma issue.

Please contact Mumble customer support.

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