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AI Divers do not react to fire and do not shoot
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I have noticed that whilst diving, the enemy and friendly AI does not react to enemy nor friendly fire (you know the deal here I guess, nobody reacts to anything).

I realize the SCUBA gun, as I call it, does not have a range above 40-50m, and I was about 70-80m away from them, but the ground AI has fantastic abilities to spray in every single direction (which isn't good, no). The diving AI seems to be the complete opposite, they don't even try.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Place a group of BLUFOR Divers a couple 100 m away from the enemy divers.
  2. Place a group of OPFOR Divers at a healthy distance of the BLUFOR ones.
  3. Take control of BLUFOR or OPFOR and move towards the enemy.
  4. You'll notice the OPFOR divers get spotted, but nobody fires a shot unless you're very very close.
Additional Information

I have managed to move into a 25 m radius (approx) until they recognized and shot at me. Again, tested with latest A3 Alpha. (0.5.102571)

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They doesn't react only if they've got their standart underwater weapon. If they've got any other weapon they will use it, even if it's handgrenade or pistol. Problem is in diver's weapons. They have too short firing range, because of "magic" bullets in "underwater" magazines that dissapear after about 40m, so AI think that he can't use it at long distances, but he CAN, of course if he has "normal" magazines.

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I appreciate your detailed report.

This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

Please keep the issue monitored to see when it is fixed.

Also the AI is generally unaware of its own inventory contents and won't automatically reload 5.56 STANAG rounds when on land. Even if ordered to do so by the player, the AI still closes to 30-40m before shooting the opposition. And even there is random chance, that the AI will use a pistol instead - even with SDAR loaded with 5.56 ammunition.

Under water, the AI won't automatically switch to the UW ammunition and will try to shoot enemy divers with 5.56, if this is what they have loaded.

As a side note, SDAR loaded with 5.56 ammunition is an efficient weapon in player's hands. No problem with beating SCUBA Showcase with SDAR alone and without calling the artillery.

Tested with Arma 3 Alpha 0.54.103957

Tested with ArmA3 Stable Build 1.08 - fixed. AI has a sufficient engagement range underwater provided they are able to see them (AI will not engage units that are underwater if they are above water themselves, due to no Line of Sight).

Fixed with ArmA3 Stable 1.08, AI will engage if they are able to see opponents. LOS differs above water and underwater.