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Can't Interact with world
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Occasionally, when playing The Game. I get a bug or glitch where I can't interact with anything such as doors. Items that are in my inventory and or are on the ground. I can't open or close doors. And button Prompts Disappear but when I make my character jump. The prompts reappear but don't work.

Zombies are/seem to be standing still and they're model isn't moving. But I still take damage and bump into what I assume are invisible Zombies.

When I exit the server I'm on and relogin I'm usually passed out or have died.
And when i get back in the server the glitch Usually happens again.

Occasionally I won't even get into the server. And the game we'll be stuck on the main screen until I close the game and then reload it.

I'm on a xbox series x and Have had this problem on an Xbox One as well Since 2020

My internet connection is usually stable and fast

The only solution I've had to solving this problem is closing and reloading the game until the glitch disappears. which i have not had much success with.

I've Uninstalled and re-installed the game multiple times and have cleared the local save data as well neither of which has worked.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Play the game for 2 hours It'll happen at least once or twice

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Hello It_helljimper.
This seems like an issue with your network not communicating properly with the servers. Do you have an option to test the game on a different network so we can confirm or rule this out?

No I don't. Or At least I don't right now. I am moving to a different city soon so maybe that might fix it. I live out in farm country so the internet Isn't perfect. So Maybe when i move the problem will solve itself.