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Official Server performance fps drops
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System: Xbox Series X Performance Mode 60fps
Version: Vanilla
Input device: Controller

The server performance gets worse and worse the longer you play. This also affects the performance of the Xbox itself. This not only leads to heavy frame drops on the server side also directly on the Xbox.

The frames here often drop below 10 fps. Which is absolutely unplayable.
From time to time there are no more drops but it stays in this bad state. 10-20 fps.
Rubberbandig is also a topic then.

My guess is:
It could have something to do with the AI (bots).
The longer the round goes on, the more quarters are built.
If the flag point is attacked, the bots get killed and new bots are spawned. The dead bots do not despawn but remain lying around.

My first suggestion here would be to shorten the despwan time of the corpses.
The second suggestion would be to limit the number of quarters per flag point. E.g. 3 for large flag points and 1-2 for small flag points.
Personally, I would also like that in terms of game flow.


Operating System
Windows 7
Operating System Version
Xbox Series X
Steps To Reproduce

Play a session on the Xbox for round about 2 till 4 hours or longer
Attack or defend a flag point with round about 6-8 quarters (a lot of bots and corpses)
Disassemble the quarters und rebuild it.

It going to lead to the server and Xbox framedrops.

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It’s assigned to no one?
This Server FPS topic makes the game unplayable!
Please fix that.

Yeah, it's almost unplayable when there is so many bodies and AI. Server FPS will drop below 10 and sometimes 0 often