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Leaving Server Makes Character Respawn
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Since the hotfix yesterday, there is a massive bug causing players to lose all of their gear. When players leave the server and rejoin, their characters respawn in another location with spawn gear.


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Windows 7

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SmalllZzy created this task.Dec 1 2023, 7:27 PM

Some players have found a work around, you can switch accounts via the Xbox Menu, but this then causes loot to dupe. This is a major bug that needs fixed asap!!

SmalllZzy added a subscriber: Geez.Dec 1 2023, 8:15 PM

@Geez Best thing to do right now, would be to revert the hotfix.

Geez changed the task status from New to Need More Info.Dec 4 2023, 10:11 AM

Hello SmalllZzy.
Is this related only to a specific server?
Also can you please describe in better detail what do you mean by "Their characters respawn in another location with spawn gear"? Specificaly the spawn gear part, as we cannot seem to understand what do you mean by that.

Multiple servers were having the issue. The way me & few server owners found how to fix it, was to roll back to a backup before the hotfix, Ive personally tested this on 3 servers which all had the same bug. The issues seem to be gone for now. So, possibly the hotfix may have caused a database malfunction for several high pop (40+ players) servers. Seems to be fixed now, ao you could close this.

Geez closed this task as Resolved.Dec 4 2023, 10:43 AM
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