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Again, Characters have server move Notice when didn’t move…
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I’d like my characters moved to their last logout location due to an erroneous server move notice.

On LA 4332 I have multiple characters in different parts of the map and inside my base as well. I tried to login today and they all have the notice that I have moved server and will be moved to a random location.

I did not move servers. I would like to have my characters moved back to their last logout locations. This happened before and I submitted a ticket. Gees was able to resolve it but it evidently wasn’t fixed. Can this please stop happening? It’s hugely disrupting and honestly ruins the game especially if you are in the middle of a run or mission or locked inside your base, which I am in most cases.

Do I need to actually wait for the timer and login to each account and then sign off again in order for the character to be moved back to its prior logout location? That obviously takes time and is an additional chore due to the account timer delays.

Is it possible that I could just provide the different ids and have the server jump notice cleared and spawn at the location where I last logged out?

This issue keeps happening and is so disruptive to gameplay and takes too much time to resolve to not actively fix and stop it from happening.

Pleaseee try to fix this issue from continuing to happen. The amount of time spent running across the map only to be moved off to who knows where or outside your base that you spent hours building is honestly ruining this game…


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

I just have to try to login and I get a timer saying I moved server when I haven’t which will result in me being moved if I proceed to login.

Additional Information

This keeps happening and needs to be fixed as a priority.

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Thank you, we will check with Nitrado to ensure this does not happen.

Can I have my characters moved back? That is the purpose of me filing this ticket. I am locked out of my base I spent hours building and have characters in specific locations that I would like to have moved to where I logged out. I did not change servers.

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Hello NeogamezDIY.
Unfortunately we have decided to not move the characters this time.

Wow, what a FU to your loyal player base. I just wrote a review telling people to not believe the other reviews, because the game has a steep learning curve. Unfortunately the lack of actually fixing a recurring problem, and basically saying screw you when you spend hours building a base and traversing there map, means that there is basically no point to this game because at any moment devs will just Nuke your character and progress and choose to do nothing when they could very well do something and simply choose not to.

Even when the error was brought to attention months prior and is basically game breaking. I will never be building a base again or actually enjoying the game to its fullest because of this and my review will definitely be changing.