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Bag Throwing physics
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When you throw an item like a bag, this has physics for about 10 secs. This can be stacked if multiple bags are thrown simultaneously into a corner and then a player can boost over walls. This appears to be a glitch than can be exploited...


Operating System
Windows 7
Game Physics
Steps To Reproduce

Dropping bags gives no physics to a bag.
Throw a bag and it gets physics, and can be stood on by any player for 10ish seconds.

Additional Information

It is possible to throw two mountain back packs that land on their bases, on top of each other, allowing a player to boost onto them and then over a wall.
If a second bag is thrown by the same player, the physics of the 1st bag disappears immediately, even if the 10 seconds are not up.
A player standing on a thrown bag that currently has physics, can look up, open their inventory, pick up the bag, and the player stays floating on an invisible hit box until the 10 seconds are up.

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