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VSD Spawns Wherever DMR's Spawn
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Multiple tests have been done on this, moving the DMR to different locations to spawn and leaving the VSD with its default tags, makes the VSD spawn wherever the DMR is coded to spawn. I believe the VSD and DMR are using the same code.


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Windows 7

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Hello SmalllZzy.
Can you please explain exactly what is the problem and what are you trying to do?

The exact problem is that wherever the DMR spawns, the VSD will spawn in the same location even with the VSD having different tags. For example, the VSD has Tier 3 tags and the DMR has Tier 4 tags, the VSD follows where the DMRs tags are set to. If I make it so no DMRs spawn, the VSD will spawn at Tier 3. But as soon as the DMR is set to spawn, the VSD follows it.

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Thank you.
Can you please upload your mission folder for us?

Issue seems to be resolved now. It may have been a Nitrado issue as I didn't change anything, it fixed its self.

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