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Request for more Xbox Livonia 1PP Servers
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There are too few dedicated Xbox first-person perspective (1PP) Livonia servers to handle the players. The only non-temporary 1PP Livonia servers (US-based) are almost always high population, or even full. This is a relatively new development, as both Livonia and first-person perspective servers seem to have enjoyed a slight boost in popularity. There are plenty of third-person Livonia servers, but not enough first-person servers. A few extra 1PP Livonia servers would be most welcome, if possible.

Also, on a somewhat unrelated note, I would like to give my feedback on handgun-caliber ammunition and the (lack) of both physical and shock damage it delivers. As it stands in the current patch, and for many previous patches, typical unarmored players can withstand numerous shots from almost every non-magnum handgun round. I understand that certain concessions must be made in order to abstract certain real-world issues into playable mechanics, but I firmly believe DayZ would strongly benefit from more realistic handgun ammunition. Even military-grade plate armor (depending on the level) is susceptible to low-caliber handgun ammunition at many ranges and especially with repeated firing. The current patch makes it possible for a player with plate armor to survive a full magazine of .45ACP from a Kolt 1911, and other pistols/submachine guns also have similar lack of power against armored enemies. As a long-time player and supporter of DayZ, I humbly propose that BI consider and perhaps playtest raising the health damage of pistol calibers by ~15% and shock damage by ~10%.


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Hello leshtricity.
Currently there are 15 EU Livonia servers based in Germany
all should have relatively good ping from Hungary region.
Is that not the case for you?