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Players are able to use cars and glitch themselves to walk in and out of walls as they please even move around in them as well as climb through we have had to remove cars entirely to avoid people from exploring the glitch and taking over the base


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It has to do with a collision I was just told which allows them to do it I'm still getting more information as I learn more about it but they can still use cars to do it I don't know what more they can use

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Hello Dragonthub.
Having a video of how they exploit this would helps us tremendously. In case you can get one, please let us know here and upload it to this ticket.

Look it’s simple. Once you are knocked out in a car start spamming jump. It levitates you and sends you through solid objects. Can also be done without a car.

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Thank you. Confirmed :)

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And resolved for the second hotfix of the 1.22 update!

@Geez it appears they can also do it with ladders it was confirmed

You can't do it with ladder, people are just spreading that as a joke.

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