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mac native and rosetta crash in setRenderPipelineState
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It's occasional, and triggered in a couple of other cases, but it seems a bit more prevalent when I'm playing on the Normandy map, with or without mods.

The panic dump is different every time, and it's usually one of the render threads that crashes while trying to execute setRenderPipelineState; I suspect it's happening at the wrong moment, like when something is exclusively locked, and the client is trying to update state between frames. I don't have access to the debug symbols that I could see in the AS client, so I couldn't really see when it's happening, this is mostly gut-feeling, other than I know it's setRenderPipelineState that's causing the crash.


Operating System
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Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce

Play on a complicated mission mode, such as Operation Cobra; network performance seems to at least correlate sometimes, but not every time. After a bit of time in a larger mission (5 or 6), it will eventually crash on a thread trying to execute setRenderPipelineState.

Additional Information

I wish I had more, but it's difficult to track a true cause.

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@kju-PvPscene I haven't had the issue with 2.14; sorry it took so long, I didn't realize 2.14 had been released for mac until a week ago. Thanks!

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@tsalaroth thanks for the follow-up