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Hackers are ruining the game and gamers... for real
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Hello, I'm very honestly tired of hackers on official servers.

I was killed like this multiple times this week and it's just no longer acceptable, this one is too much.
I'm killed with a headshot not even 2 seconds after spawning.

  • server name: "DayZ NL 3663873 (Public) - Hosted by"
  • address:
  • moment: 14:43:20 (UTC+2)
  • steam ID: 76561198043379719
  • record:

We legit players don't care about hackers being banned and you making more money because they buy the game again, we want our money back or at least our character!

This game could be so insane and played much more world widely if the hackers problem was treated better than how it is actually, we don't need nice-to-have features like medieval swords :'(

Kind regards,


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Windows 10 Home 22H2
Steps To Reproduce

Try to survive more than 24h on official servers, and to walk more than 50km.

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Jin-K created this task.Jun 10 2023, 6:19 PM
Hermit added a subscriber: Hermit.Jun 10 2023, 8:56 PM

Maybe a team of player moderators would be a good idea. Needing to record undeniable proof someone is hacking

The fact that we don't have access to logs and don't know who kills us makes it very difficult to have undeniable proofs. Asssuming that a normal person reflex time would be of half a second, it would have let him +- 1 second to aim my head IF, only if, he was camping there and waiting for a looted guy to appear. But we were only 17 in the server at that moment. This makes it quit impressive.

Anyway, the idea of moderators in official servers seems great. At least someone to who we can talk to know more about what happened and eventually get our loot back.

I mean once we start adding get the loot back to the role of moderator, It just a small step away from abuse. I dont think bohemia has the manpower to also keep any potential moderators in check. I was thinking something along the lines of giving them a few rights like teleporting, some form of wallhacks. ( on a different account obviously) only meant for moderator business. Then with those rights we would record proof, send it to bohemia and they'd do something about it.

Punky added a subscriber: Punky.Jun 14 2023, 5:39 PM

With my Friend Konkel we were in similar situation but on:
DayZ EU - DE 5519 (Temporary)
Server version: 1.21.156243

6.13.23 - 20:57 GMT +2

As you can see on video we both died instantly.

Please consider a solution to this problem.