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Movement issues.
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With the new patch I have been experiencing a lot of movement issues that I never had before.

With several thousands of hours of playtime I have acquired a specific playstyle and muscle memory, and the things I do that normally are fine now make me glitch out.
which made me write this report as

Additional information contains 2 videos that showcase the issue, it has happened quite a few times before, unfortunately I did not see the pattern that immerged that caused me frustration, I will add more example along the way.

It almost feels like a under the map glitch fix for high ping people that now affects low ping people...


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Windows 10
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Game Physics
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moving around Doors/moving collision objects and stairs/different heights seem to trigger this issue.

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Cybrax created this task.Sat, May 27, 3:07 AM

before this patch if i ran past a door and pressed F it would close behind me now it pushes me out...

Things like this : and this maybe happened to me once an hour if not less now it happens 10x an hour

random teleport something that never happened to me before :