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Framrate terrible after 1.20
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after about the time of update 1.20 and its patches the performance on my Xbox series S console has been worse. playing on livonia any time i run through forrests and look at trees my game begins to lag out and stutter
idk if its a server issue or optimization issue but it was not like this before 2023 on console, i used to get 60fps solid. now it feels like any time i look at a tree the fps drops to 20 and stutters hard


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

run between grabin and the forests surrounding it to observe a noticeable dip in performance that was not there before / use any scoped zoom in a forrest

Additional Information

driving me nuts, not sure what changed but the dip in smoothness and frame rate quality sucks in a game where reaction time is essential, kind of makes the whole point of the game moot if any time i scope in or run in a forrest the frames drop low enough to make my surroundings in-perceivable

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Hello seamus7d.
Is this tied to a specific server by any chance? Or do you experience this across various servers and areas?