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Vehicle Simple Object default settings are wrong, and Editor Simple Object toggle does not persist
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In the Editor Attributes for a vehicle, there is a toggle to make it into a Simple Object to save performance. The typical setup, as in vanilla vehicles, is for the Simple Object version of the vehicle to represent a parked vehicle by default - wheel dampers at about 50%, all else pretty much stock.

Many CSLA vehicles have default Simple Object settings that diverge from this principle. For example, all helicopters have the blurred in-flight model for their rotors visible, and the Mi-24 has a muzzle flash visible. Many ground vehicles have their suspension fully extended, and some also have muzzle flashes visible. This makes it inconvenient to use the Simple Object setting, because the vehicles you use it on will probably look bad.

Also, for some vehicles, the Simple Object setting doesn't persist in the Editor - it resets after returning to the Editor from testing the mission.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Place one of a variety of vehicles. I'll use the Mi-24 here since it's obvious, but many vehicles are affected. I don't have an exhaustive list. Also place a man to play as.
  2. Open the Mi-24's Attributes, and turn on Simple Object in the Special States section.
  3. Launch the mission.
  4. Note that the Mi-24 now has two sets of rotors (one blurred, one normal) and a muzzle flash on its nose gun.
  5. Return to the Editor.
  6. Note that the Mi-24 is no longer marked as a Simple Object.
Additional Information

The fix for this is for vehicles to have their default Simple Object animation and selections state set up properly. Note that some aircraft need to have their default placement rotation adjusted, because it places them perfectly level, even though they should be tilted backwards to sit on their landing gear (e.g. An-2, T159729)

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Thank you for the report, we'll look into it.