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Massive grane drops and lagging
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Hi, ever since I bought the game I’m experiencing massive frame drops, especially in woods, when rain falls, also when using scopes some building disappear, when you turn around building load slowly.
The same game running on Xbox One X has no such behavior. It’s not very well optimized for the PS5, can this be fixed? It takes all fun out of playing.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Play the game. Use a scope and notice how when you return to default view object appear
Go to any location when fog and rain and you can observe frame drops below 30fps even.
When In cities, and you turn around you can observe buildings loading slowly, when you turn around again the buildings which were behind your back load again.

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blesio created this task.Feb 22 2023, 4:02 PM

Hey, just wanted to comment, this has been an issue in DayZ for years btw. Not in all scopes, but particularly the hunting scope for example. The exact same thing happens on PC too, it's just hardware related so it defintely happens on Xbox aswell as playstation. Hopefully they can optimise it a little in the future