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Cheaters, cheaters and more cheaters
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I imagine that you know the problem DayZ is having with cheaters, and why don't you do nothing about it? You'll keep your eyes closed to this? While the game is selling and making a profit, it's all right, is this?

I've reported cheaters few times, describing the event, informing the server, date and time, I even have videos of it, but nothing worths. The only response I got is "contact BattlEye", and you know what? I contacted them and you know the response I got? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

What you are doing is disrespectful to whoever bought the game, just passing the responsibility to battleye is a mediocre attitude, as if the game were from battleye, and not yours.

I will not play again until you say something about this and come up with a solution. Meanwhile, I'll do my best to stop as many people as possible from making the same mistake I did by buying this game in this situation.


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Windows 10 x64
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Get good loot and wait for your death :)

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