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SOG PF headlight issues
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the brightness of sog pf vehicle

one of armas vehicles

i have been having issues with headlights that are super bright, i know that they are supposed to be brighter but it is so hard to see, especially on some maps because of it and depending on the weather it can be really horrible.

if there is a setting or something that can reduce the brightness then it would be really nice since i can't find anything.

the only maps that it seems to work better on are your own maps but all other maps it is really bright.

also this happens with or without other mods


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Windows 11 x64
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driving the car on different maps or sometimes during early nightfall when it rains

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Thanks for your report today

In the screenshots above, what is the problem? The lights are brighter, but look to be functional and useful.

Please provide some detail and evidence / repro case of the problem you believe is disrupting your game enjoyment.


It is super bright and I can't se the grass in front of the car, navigating is super hard especially if there is any tall grass or obstacles like a rock

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Confirmed, the lights are very good at distances around 100m, but anything less than 50m it becomes a fully saturated whiteout which is just as hard to see through as pitch darkness

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which is just as hard to see through as pitch darkness

again, can you take a screenshot to show that.
as nobody in our team can reproduce it.
it will help if we can see what you see.

in the pictures above you have a combined jeep headlights AND a long range weapon searchlight facing in the same direction, which is why it is much brighter than the vanilla vehicle which does not have a searchlight.

try just angling the MG to one side and then see how it looks.


driving in first person with a car without long range weapon light

3rd person view

arma 3 vehicle in first person

arma 3 vehicle in 3rd person

navigating on some maps is really hard with the strong headlight so it would be nice to have an option to reduce the brightness a little.
perhaps it is supposed to be this way but navigating is really hard since the lights are so strong.
i like the wide cone of sog vehicles and the long range of lights but i think it is better to drive without headlight on sog maps at night when the weather is clear because i can see better when navigating

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thanks we'll review this and see what can be done.

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uploading images of my graphic settings that i use

forgot to change my resolution but i'm playing at 3840x2160 usually

also providing best case scenario images when night time is at the brightest and best looking to show that headlights can be a bit to bright but also that arma 3 default also can be a little to bright but not as bright.
I do enjoy how far i can see but when close to a small hill like in my images it can be a bit to much so i have to shut my light off for navigations.

same settings as in apollos image ann all images below are with those settings

looks the same to me even with changed settings
arma 3 tanoa jeep comparison

how it looks driving behind someone when dust is coming out from the car in front (simulated by reversing car but it looks the same)

tanoa jeep driving through dust created by reversing and i can see clearly through it

reversing with sog jeep to simulate same as the image above

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Thank you for your feedback! It will now be reviewed by a specialist in our internal QA system.