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Workshop mod not installing because of "an unexpected exception occurred when checking content of the mod"
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Launcher logs uploaded.

I subscribed to Antistasi Plus 2.0. But for me the 29mb mod is downloaded succesfully, it shows up in modlist in launcher. BUT, the launcher said it is not installing.
What I've tried: Repaired mod, resub mod, manually checked the workshop content folder, and the mod is there, but strangely, it's not showing up in the !Workshop folder.

When I try to add local mod pointing to the directory of the steam workshop content folder, it shows up fine. Apparently files are downloaded but won't install. The said downloaded files can be added as local mod.


Operating System
Windows 11 x64
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Steps To Reproduce

Subscribing to Antistasi Plus 2.0 (now it happened to every mod I subscribed). Let steam download. Open Arma 3 Launcher after completion.

Additional Information

Launcher logs uploaded.

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Kurni created this task.Wed, Jan 11, 6:33 AM

I subscribed to more mods and this keeps happening.
Mods are downloaded and showing up in the PC storage space.

Kurni added a comment.EditedMon, Jan 23, 10:48 AM

Currently it's these mods:
IFX window break
Antistasi Plus 2.0

The mods are downloaded fine in my PC

I initially suspected it was related to hdd space because my HDD where I store my user documents went kaput recently and I had to create a new user document folder in other HDD.
But they're downloaded fine and I can even make them as local mods via launcher.

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I subscribed to more mods and this keeps happening.