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Dualsense control problem
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Hello, for some time now I have been having problems in the game controls on PS5.
When I'm in 1PP view and press L2 to aim with my weapon in hand, the game puts me in 3PP view! While normally it is the R3 key that is used to change views!

And that's not the only problem with L2. Often the key does not work, you have to press several times so that you can finally aim with your weapon. Sounds like his character control has lag or tapping too fast for the game.

I'm playing DayZ on PS5 and in my opinion the game has a control instruction issue or latency that is causing player key presses to not always be processed by the game. And there are even errors that lead to fake commands like switching to 3PP by pressing L2.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Be in 1PP, have a weapon in hand, run or walk, press L2.

Additional Information

I use Playstation 5 and DualSense. ADSL+ 18Mb. Game install on SSD. Official and community server.

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Hello gibs25.
Could this be a controller or latency issue?