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Events and cfgeffectarea.json
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I have noticed that some of the events are not running properly ie i use the test explosion in one of my mod and its stop working also there is a couple of other mods that have stop working after the update

  1. In the cfgeffectarea.json i had a gas cloud setup and was using the affect trigger so i wouldn't have the gas affects this has stop working and the gas went live

3 when the dynamic gas strikes hit instead of a few pox veils appearing in the gas cloud i getting thousand spawn in the gas cloud


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Windows 7
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WYLDCHYLD6666 added a comment.EditedNov 3 2022, 1:05 PM

I have try removing the pox val code and let the server run as normal yet it still over loading the server with pox vils this happen with every gas strikes and they don't despawn for days

@Geez can you look in to this

PO-X vials are hardcoded to spawn (3 to 5) with the contamination strike since 1.19, cannot be changed on console. Set a lifetime on the vials lower than the duration of the strike itself.

@TheDevilsKnock iv set the lifetime on the event to 1100 and the pox Vail to 1000 ill see how this pan's out