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Cars drive forward when gear is in R
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Yesterday I stopped at a gas station. I was going over some zombies so I had to reverse back but the car was continuing driving forward like in first gear. I had to logout login to fix it.


Operating System
Windows 7

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Hi, I can add more information to this error as I think it is the same, although I did not have to log out to fix it, just stop car, out and back in. Only stopping the car or exiting it without turning the engine off does not fix the bug.

I can provide some video of this if necessary as it happens quite frequently.

It happens constantly with the new humvee but also a bit one the other cars, although much more randomly.
It seems that the GUI is out of synch with the internal mechanics of the car. By this I mean both the GUI indicators in corner that shows which gear it is in, but also the game it self will show no effect except for damage to the engine. Which brings me to criticality.

This is quite a non-fun bug to get when you work hard to get a car and then as you think you are driving you are actually in Neutral and ruining your car completely.

I can try to get some more info but seems like a rather trivial bug to fix involving 2 buttons, q and e, and 2 states being in synch. How to verify it is fixed if it is hard to reproduce locally though... not sure

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Resolved for the 1.20 update.

This is still happening in 1.20 with M1025

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