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Military Symbols and High Command enemy markers stay on
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Using High Command or Military Symbols modules when you spot enemy units they stay marked on commanders map forever even if not in range and not seen by any other unit. It makes this system unusable in more complex missions or in PVP.

Enemies are spotted as they come into contact:

After disengaging and no possible line of sight between enemies and friendlies:

Enemy markers are still being refreshed in real time when moving.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Eden Editor
Steps To Reproduce

Place military symbols module or High Command commander and Subordinate. Put enemy units and friendly squad. Give enemies waypoints on cycle so they continue to move. Send friendly squad to engage enemies and either die or disengage. On map enemy marker should be still moving even if there is no friendlies in range to see them.

Mission in PBO:

Mission in SQM:

Additional Information

It happens with High command or military symbols enabled. Also on high command you cant disable 3D markers above units but you can do it with military symbols using setGroupIconsVisible [true, false];
3D markers seen:

There is no option to change delay of refreshing markers also as if you put BIS_marta_mainscope setVariable ["delay", 20]; it only affects delay of showing marker for first time.

When first contact appears there is an script error (See Attachment)

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