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Sensitivity sliders don't work correctly
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Game version 1.19 and 1.18

The sensitivity sliders are all controlled by whatever value the "camera sensitivity" is set to on controller.

"Aiming sensitivity" is just a place holder and does absolutely nothing.

You can have "aiming sensitivity" turned all the way to max and put the "camera sensitivity" to the lowest and the camera sensitivity overules the other.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Place "camera sensitivity" to the lowest setting
  1. Put " aiming sensitivity" all the way to max
  1. Look around while holding the "aim" button and you will see that it is very slow and is using the designated speed that was chosen for the camera slider and not the "aiming sensitivity"
  1. If you then change the "camera sensitivity" slider all the way up and put the "aiming sensitivity" slider all the way down you will see that it works the same way but very fast and shows that the values for aiming isnt actually being used.
Additional Information

This shows that the sliders are not independent and are solely based off of whatever the user has set to the "camera sensitivity" slider. Thus rendering the "aiming sensitivit" slider useless.

Hopefully this can be looked into since it's really hindered my gameplay and kinda makes it unplayable.
Has been like this since the new implementation of the controls were added

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