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Listen Server - setPosATL/setPosASL not functioning globally when player is in a vehicle when the command is run on the server client
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setPosATL and setPosASL are listed as globally executed commands and normally function as such. However, when a remote player is in a vehicle, and the command(s) are run on that player as a global argument on the server, the command does not execute. For a brief moment on the server client, you'll see the remote player move but will teleport back into the vehicle. Further executions of the command illicit no response.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Build 19043.2006
Steps To Reproduce

1.) Open game with no mods loaded
2.) Open editor to Virtual World
3.) Place down two vehicles
4.) Place down two playable characters, one in each vehicle
5.) Start game preview in multiplayer mode
6.) Start a second instance of the game
7.) Connect the second instance to the first instance's game
8.) Select roles and start game
9.) On either the server client, or remote client, open up the debug menu and place the following and run as a server execution

allPlayers apply {_x setPosATL [0,0,0]}

10.) Notice that the remote clients either move, then move back to vehicle, or stay in vehicle. The server client's character will move correctly.

Additional Information

A work around to this issue is to remote execute the command to the local client.

allPlayers apply {[_x, [0,0,0]] remoteExec ["setPosATL", _x]}

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