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Warlords playable AI squad leader no longer respawning correctly upon death
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I've been making some custom warlords missions lately and discovered a new bug where the playable AI respawn on their groups position instead of respawning back at base. Only when their group is empty do they respawn normally.

( ) <--- video of issue

I left respawn timer on 0 to show what is happening. Also note I am inside the BLUFOR base and the squad leader being shot is 250+M away


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Steam branch, Profiling branch
AI Issues
Steps To Reproduce

1- Open editor
2- Create warlords game (OPFOR base, BLUFOR base, independent sector)
3- Place infantry as "playable" and enable AI
4- Set warlords init settings to allow purchase of AI subordinates
5- Start the game and allow time for the quad leader to purchase AI
6- Kill the squad leader outside of the main base sector - He will always respawn on his squad units.

Additional Information

I have tried unit init field scripts, I've tried respawn markers, respawn set to "base".. nothing works. Something in the warlords functions is not not working correctly and has rendered these missions and use of AI useless. I would be grateful to receive information on how to fix this

Revive is also off. I should mention this happens on server and locally. With and without mods. I've tried setting the playable units rank the highest possible. Nothing changes.

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I get tossed around discord "this isn't troubleshooting, go to mission makers.. okay... no this is for missions making, go to the warlords channel.. okay.. go to the warlords channel... this is for multiplayer try mission makers... oh you posted twice make a support ticket.."

crickets :(

Is this another known issue that the devs think "isnt worth the time to fix"... I hope not