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Pistol magazines being forces to top of inventory (Edit, Primary Magazines, crash occurring)
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As the title says pistol magazines are for some reason being forced to the top of inventories. For people like myself who always keep their inventory organised this throws us off quite a bit.

(After further time with this, it appears to be crashing some of our games, we currently do not know why this is the case, but we have found out it is actually primary weapon magazines causing this issue. They are the ones that force to the bottom of the inventory, not pistols to the top. We know it is the primary magazines as it is when these are added to the inventory via ground/vehicle/corpse objects the person in question crashes.)


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Old: place pistol mags and any primary magazine/grenade in the same inventory and the pistol magazines will force to top.

Amended: Place primary weapon magazine into inventory, we are unable to have this happen every time, however we are fairly sure this is the cause. We do not currently know why the magazines are being forces to the bottom. But mags being added crashing us and the same magazines forced to the bottom does not seem to be a coincidence. Unsure of what else we can do to test. Thank you for your time.

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