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Spawned Units Detect Enemies to early when spawn is close to player
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I have investigated a lot in the KnowsAbout routine in combination with the Camouflage Coeficient as I develop a Mod for Camouflage. I first thought that the Camouflage Coeficient is completly broken. But I figured out that it is working just when you spawn enemies far away (800m Plus). When you spawn Enemies closer (<600m) enemies detect the player at much farer distances than they should.
I have build a sofisticated TestScript and Mission which spawns Enemies and let them run to the Player. When they detect the Player they Get killed an create a marker at the possition they detected me.
This way I was able to test this very good. In the Attached File

Arma Branch : Main Branch
Arma Version: 2.10.149799


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
AI Spotting / Detection
Steps To Reproduce

Let Enemies Spawn at around 400-500 Meters distance to the Player and let them walk to the player. Some Enemies detect the player at arround 150-200 Meter as they should. But randomly some detect the player at 400-500 Meters just after they spawn already. This does not happen when you place the Spawn at >900m from the player. That the detection allways works.
(This was all tested in the saltdessert of Altis on a bright day)

Attached is some screenshots. The red Dots are the possitions the AI detected the Player and the Flag shows the Camouflage Coefficient of the Player I used.
I also Attached my test scene with Script so you can test this yourself.

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