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I can't save and load my compositions.
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I can't save and load my custom compositions.
When I try to load a composition after creating and saving it in the editor, the saved composition is not loaded.
For example, if I create a composition named A and load it after saving it, it will not load.
After that, if I try to spawn after saving the composition B again, the composition of A comes out and it is not saved.
However, compositions subscribed to in the Workshop will spawn very well.

Also, when I leave the editor and go to a new map, the saved composition disappears.

To solve this, I also deleted the game and reinstalled it, reinstalled the mod, tried both applying the mod and vanilla mode, and running it as an administrator.

I tried uploading the composition I created to the Workshop, but an error popped up and it was identified as a missing composition.

How can I fix this?


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Eden Editor
Steps To Reproduce

If I set three buildings as composition A, save and try to spawn them, no matter how much I click them, they don't spawn.

Then, when I set up several buildings as composition B and try to spawn them, the form of composition A comes out. Likewise, it does not spawn.
When I leave the editor and enter a new map, these compositions are gone.

This phenomenon was not fixed even after turning the computer off and on, even if the game was deleted and installed, vanilla mode, administrator rights execution, language change, all.

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