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Mikeforce UI/Progress bar bug
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Visual bug that distracts and obscures the vision of the player to a minor degree.
Appeared after the most recent core Arma 3 update.
It's a bugged progress bar that I think might be part of the revive/respawn files, if not the fn_net_action_hold_add.sqf files as it appears reviving/respawning once down does not initiate.

A quick way to temporarily fix it is by drinking the river water; I'm assuming it reruns the code and it completes the loop successfully.
As far as I can tell it's this progress indicator: "a3\ui_f\data\igui\holdactions\in\in_1_ca.paa"


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Ingame UI
Steps To Reproduce

As far as I can tell all that is required is to load into any currently running mikeforce server (may not occur on heavily customised mission file? Not sure).

Additional Information

Solution at the moment is to drink river water - may be others.

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Additionally, I have a white dashed circle just below my crosshair with a translucent grey background in the middle of it. It looks like a bombing reticle. It's part of the same system. I tracked it down to one of the first two functions in: .\config\ui\hudShared\shared.hpp I didn't have time to go through it with a fine tooth comb, but when I comment out any of the first two functions, it just breaks the game (as expected).

I'm adding this here because the progress bar is a part of the ui system.

This bug happens in the default Mike Force module that anyone can download from Steam Workshop.

I've heard that getting downed, and then reviving also clears this bug... which isn't a fix, but a workaround.

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this seems to be an issue related to Mike Force, not the content in itself.
If this issue still persists, please open a ticket on the Mike Force GitHub which you can find here:

Thank you very much and best regards,
Bob Murphy