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Radio Support Module Not Functioning Properly on Independent and Opfor Sides
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I was working on a custom mission as Independents when I noticed the issue. Radio Support seems to execute the call in correctly but does not provide radio / verbal feedback for successful / denied call in, unless on Blufor.


Map: Cam Lao Nam
Mods: None
Scripts: None

Fresh scenario, placed Independent RTO unit and Radio Support module. Character asks for support (Tested initially with High Explosive -> Commando Vault -> normal payload). No further feedback. Appears to do the same on other call ins. I group the unit to a Blufor followed by Opfor unit to test those sides without changing the spawned unit. Independent and Opfor successfully get ordinance called in however there is no radio dialogue / feedback beyond the initial sentence. Blufor functions as expected / correctly.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Eden Editor
Steps To Reproduce

New scenario, Place 1 Blufor RTO, 1 Opfor RTO, 1 Independent RTO. Place Radio Support module. Make all 3 units playable, disable AI spawn in Multiplayer settings. Test module on each side.

Additional Information

Does not have to be RTO unit since the module is global by default, but listed RTO for consistency.

Some support calls provide no verbal feedback at all, in particular with ground / fire support.

Tested on multiple maps with same result.

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