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Torso Rotation Max Angle Insufficient at Low Speed
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While your rotational torso angle when looking down the barrel is sufficiently limited for the current fastest combat pace, when you're walking slowly (holding crtl) you should be able to get more off-angle torso rotation... like a tank turret, but with your player body.


Operating System
Windows 7 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Look down the barrel of the gun (right mouse button toggle), hold alt, and try rotating mouse/torso.

You will see you have only about 35-40 degrees freedom of movement horizontally.

Additional Information

This should be greater, especially at lower speeds. In real life, you can rotate a gun well over 45 degrees with your hips if you're not trying to jog. You can almost get near 90 degrees with the proper coordination and flexibility.

The use of this is a fundamental part of CQB, as it's bad practice to be looking around with your head independent of the gun, even if your movement direction is different than you are looking.

This might even be useful for people using VR headsets like with VorpX, or if BI ever adds native headset support. That will of course allow both torso movement and body/leg directional movement independent of each other.

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