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Mod logo does not show up in Pylon Settings (Vehicle Attributes)
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When multiple mods are loaded, it is very common to have pylon weapons that are identical in name, or some vanilla assets are renamed, making navigating the pylons menu with certainty confusing and sometimes difficult. Just like how it is done for units, pylon weapons in the drop-down should have a small version of the mod logo on the far-right side. Besides making menu navigation easier, this would help the mission-maker by allowing weapons to be sorted between potential differing "balances" of mods, as well as allow the mission-maker to easily predict which addons will be a dependency for the mission.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Feature Request
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Place vehicle which uses dynamic pylon loadouts.
  2. Open attributes.
  3. Open pylons menu.
  4. Open drop-down for any pylon. Especially when mods like CUP or ACE are loaded, it can be very difficult to tell what weapon belongs to what addon.

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