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Grid coordinate size adjustment, protractor, draw on maps
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Please forgive me if this is in the wrong section, I did not see one for strictly feedback. A few things that would be extremely helpful for Xbox players, and Reforger players in general, is the ability to resize the grid coordinates on the map. Currently I have to stand up and move closer to my television to read these. Furthermore, the ability to use a protractor and draw on the map for route planning and other navigation purposes that could be shared with the squad would be extremely beneficial to gameplay. This could also allow more experienced Arma players to assist newcomers in understanding navigation, making the game more accessible and enjoyable for those unfamiliar with Arma - something that is high in likelihood for console players who may have never experienced any BI games.


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Open map on console

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Hello, just letting you know. The protractor was added already in 0.96 version. There's the map drawing, but limited to personal usage ( not yet shared over the network ). The map drawing is planned for the future.
Regarding the size of the grid coordinates - we will try to improve it, but it's not a trivial task as it can easily clutter the screen with numbers.