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"nofilter" tag in materials does not persist over workbench restart
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Hi There,

Within materials on workbench we are given the option to to make specific textures have a no filters applied to them. This results in a pixely look for low resolution textures, which would be ideal for some of my projects.

The Problem is: if I apply the nofilter tag to a texture on a material and save it, it looks and behaves as you would expect, but next time I open workbench the nofilter tag is unchecked and the texture goes back to looking blurry.

Here is a video of for reference :


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Set a texture in a material as nofilter
  2. Save material
  3. Close workbench
  4. Open workbench
  5. Inspect material and you will see nofilter is no longer applied.
Additional Information

I also had a look at the .emat file in a text editor and it seems to gain a "nofilter" attribute in it, however workbench just seems to be unable to load it.

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